Faulding Blisters Wallet 7 Pack

What are Blisters?
Blisters are fluid filled skin lesions resulting from prolonged friction, particularly on the palms of the hands or the heel of the foot, although they can form in any location where the body comes into contact with a lot of friction; walking shoes are a typical example. The friction induces heat which, associated locally with perspiration, generate the blister or even some burns.

How to prevent and treat Blisters?
The best way to treat blisters is to prevent them from happening in the first place; if you notice that your shoes are sliding up and down, place a dressing on the back of your heel to provide extra padding and protection against friction.
Keep the blister clean to prevent infection. Use a soft washcloth with water or Prontosan® to gently wash the blister and surrounding area. Protect the blister by covering with a hydrocolloid island dressing.
If the condition of your blister does not improve, it may become necessary to pop the blister. Soak a needle or straight pin in rubbing alcohol for an hour to sterilize it. After cleaning the area around the blister, use the needle to carefully poke a horizontal hole into the base of the blister. Gently press with your finger to work out any liquid inside, then clean the area once more and cover with a hydrocolloid dressing to absorb excess fluid and protect from bacteria and moisture.

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