Faulding Grazes + Abrasions Wallet 3 Pack

What are Grazes + Abrasions?
Abrasions are very common injuries that are usually caused by a fall onto a hard surface, during which friction causes layers of the skin to rub off (cyclists often refer to abrasions from crashes as ‘road rash’). While there is often little or no blood loss from an abrasion, there can be a great deal of pain because of the many nerve endings that are exposed.

How to treat Grazes + Abrasions?
The basic treatment of abrasions and road rash consists of cleaning the wound with mild soap and water or Prontosan® and then covering the area with a transparent dressing with absorbent pad to absorb excess fluid and protect the wound without adhering to it. Because abrasions can easily become infected, you should clean the area thoroughly and remove any dirt and debris; the area must be completely clean.

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