Faulding Immune Biotic Capsules 30 Capsules

Faulding® Immune Biotic is an all-natural product which includes Immunoglobulin IgA/IgG (Bovine Whey) & Lactoferrin to help improve immune health. The key difference between Faulding® Immune Biotic and other immune supplements is that it works in conjunction with the immune system and has no complications or contraindications.
Immunoglobulins (Bovine Whey) are one of the most important components of the immune system for preventing illness as they recognise and dispose of potential sources of infection. IgA is Immunoglobulin A which supports the immune action of the mucosal surfaces of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. IgG is Immunoglobulin G which is present in all body fluids and is very important in a healthy immune response.
Lactoferrin, which occurs naturally in the human body is vital for the body’s defence system and provides antiviral and antibacterial actions which help the body fight infection.
The immune system protects our body against illnesses such as colds and flu. When the immune system is weak, you become susceptible to infections. It is important to strengthen your immune system quickly at the first sign of symptoms in order to increase your chances of beating the cold or flu. Faulding® Immune Biotic is an excellent treatment for cold and flu symptoms. A customer may need to take Faulding® Immune Biotic at the first onset of cold & flu symptoms, or if already experiencing symptoms, to help relieve or reduce the duration and/or severity of the symptoms.
Faulding® Immune Biotic:
• Helps reduce the duration and symptoms of a cold
• Assist in the management of upper respiratory tract infections• Supports, promotes and enhances the immune system
• Defends against bacteria, fungi and viruses

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