Faulding ReduZnore Mouth Piece 1 Unit

Faulding® ReduZnore Snoring Mouthpiece is an innovative approach to snoring control. It contains a customizable mouthpiece, complemented by bonus nasal dilators. The mouthpiece is moulded to the users teeth, and once moulded properly, creates a mandibular advancement of between 2-7mm from its normal position.
Creating a mandibular advancement, or positioning the lower jaw slightly forward, helps to:
• Widen the throat, allowing for an increase in air flow
• Put more tension on the soft, loose tissue located at the very back of the mouth & throat which, when it vibrates, contributes to snoring
• Make breathing more calm and relaxed
• Decrease snoring
For best results, its recommended to incorporate the Faulding® MegaVent Nasal Dilators with the Faulding® ReduZnore Snoring Mouthpiece when looking to alleviating snoring. Faulding® MegaVent is a snoring and breathing aid which encourages users to breathe through their nose, allowing for increased nasal air flow. By combining both the ReduZnore Mouthpiece and the MegaVent Nasal Dilators, you will be able to breathe with a calm, continuous airflow.
Care Instructions: Rinse thoroughly in hot tap water before and after use. Soak device once a week in mouthwash for continued freshness. Replace annually.
Compatible iPhone App Available The Faulding® Snoring Monitor iPhone App is a professional snoring aid that includes a sleep lab test providing audio and graphed results of breathing, snoring and chest movements. It can help detect signs of sleep apnoea. It’s available for purchase from the iTunes store, it can be found in the ‘medical’ category or by clicking here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/faulding-snoring-monitor/id641485485?mt=8

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