Faulding Superficial Burns Wallet 2 Pack

What is a Superficial Burn?
A burn is an injury to the skin tissue, usually caused by contact with intense heat, electricity or chemicals. The severity of your burn depends on how deeply it has affected the skin tissue, it can be a superficial, partial-thickness or full-thickness burn.

How to treat a Superficial Burn?

Treatment of burns depends on their severity
You can treat superficial burns caused by heat at home, however, you should seek medical help for all other cases: Deep partial and full thickness burns, chemical and electrical burns, burns covering an area larger than the palm of your hand.
For full-thickness burns or burns caused by chemicals or electricity, call for emergency help.

Treatment of superficial burn wounds
Begin by flooding your burn with cool (not cold) water for 10 to 15 minutes or until the pain is relieved. Always ask your pharmacist for advice before applying ointments or creams.
Don’t burst any blisters that form on your burn. Cover with transparent hydrocolloid dressing to enhance a moist environment conducive to natural healing.

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