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About The Faulding® Project

Faulding® has been a part of Australian pharmacy for the past 170 years helping support local community with their healthcare needs. Faulding® is now working with our pharmacy partner Terry White Chemmart to give back.

Together we have selected five charity partners that stores can select from.

The Faulding® Project contributes .50c from every Faulding® Probiotic sold in the Terry White Chemmart store’s nominated charity or the store’s partner.

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Visit Terry White Chemmart

Look for Faulding® Probiotics in-store featured in The Faulding® Project™’s counter unit.

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Shop the marked product in the Terry White Chemmart catalogue and Faulding­® will donate to that store’s selected charity.

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We thank our customers for helping Faulding® and Terry White Chemmart
support these great charities.