The Faulding Project


1. Application for, and/or use of the The Faulding Project, is deemed acceptance of the
The Faulding Project Terms and ConditionsThe The Faulding Project donates 0.50c of the sale of a Faulding Probiotic to the pharmacy’s nominated charity.
How it works.
2. The pharmacy will need to complete the The Faulding Project Application Form. This form is available through your Endeavour Consumer Health account manager.
3. The pharmacy will need to complete the Pharmacy Details and Fundraising Details as requested on the The Faulding Project Application Form
4. Upon approval of the application form the store will be issued with The Faulding Project point of sale to help drive the fundraising campaign
What is the The Faulding Project?
5. The The Faulding Project is designed to help contribute funds to your store’s fundraising activity for your chosen charity.
What fundraising is applicable?
6. Faulding request the entity that the fundraising is being done for is a fund, authority or institution listed on the DGR (Deductable Gift Registry) List. This list can be located at
7. The entity must be registered on the DRG List and have an active ABN
8. Faulding reserve the right to review and approve all fundraising entities prior to approval
9. Faulding reserve the right to verify the identity of the pharmacy if required
10. Faulding reserves the right to accept or reject any application for the The Faulding Project at its sole discretion.
11. Faulding reserves the right to, at its discretion, suspend or terminate an approved The Faulding Project with the pharmacy including, but not limited to, a breach of these Terms and Conditions, any engagement in or support of fraudulent conduct or improper use of the fund.
What Faulding Products does this apply to?
12. Faulding will contribute 0.50c from very Faulding Probiotic unit sold.
13. The 0.50c contribution will only apply to the Faulding Probiotic range and will not apply to any other product within the Faulding portfolio
14. The The Faulding Project applicants must meet an minimum fundraising expectation of $100 to be eligible
What does the pharmacy need to do following the completion of the fundraising activity?
15. The pharmacy will need to complete the The Faulding Project Completion Form
16. The pharmacy will need to attach proof of the unit sales completed during the agreed fundraising period to the The Faulding Project Completion Form.
I. This can be in the form of receipts, Intellipharm report or an internal reporting system that your store uses to account for stock sales.
17. Unit sales cannot be redeemed retrospectively following the completion date of the The Faulding Project campaign.
How will payment be made?
18. The Faulding Project will issue the funds directly to your fundraising entity via the preferred payment method selected on the The Faulding Project application form.
19. Payment will be completed 30 days end of month after the The Faulding Project Completion Form is submitted to the return address stated on the form.
20. The Faulding Project Completion Forms must be submitted no later than 12 weeks following the completion of the event. The Faulding Project amounts will not be redeemable after this period
How will the pharmacy be informed of the donation
21. The Faulding Project will email the nominated pharmacy contact with a congratulations certificate detailing the amount raised by the store through Faulding Communit Fund. The certificate will include the fundraising entity and the date the funds were deposited.
General Conditions
22. Pharmacy are not permitted or authorized to make any representation, warranty or statement on behalf of the The Faulding Project program. As such, Faulding accept no liability in respect of any representation or such representations, warranties or statements made by a pharmacy member
23. If a proposed The Faulding Project activity is terminated, the pharmacy will not be eligible to receive any monies accrued.
24. Faulding reserves the right to suspend, vary, alter or amend all or any part of these Terms & Conditions, to terminate the The Faulding Project program at any time. No suspension, variation, alternation, amendment or termination of these Terms and Conditions will affect quarterly funds which have been issued at the time of any alteration, amendment or termination of the The Faulding Project program.
25. All pharmacy participants must reside in Australia.
26. By agreeing to participate in a The Faulding Project program the pharmacy agrees to the collection, use and disclosure of their stores information in accordance with the EBOS privacy policy available at…., and consent to receiving any quarterly The Faulding Project materials via email.
27. Valid Until 31 March 2018
28. Faulding is a brand registered by Symbion Pty Ltd Pty Ltd ABN 25 000 875 034